September 2021 through May 2022

Periodization: While still supporting more active lives in the fall we do slowly increase the focus on strength training with the overall training load from classes a little higher than the summer. Our classes also focus on preparing for winter activities with fun sport specific exercises. Once winter arrives our training load is highest since, generally, our activity level is on the low side of the annual calendar.

  • Mon 5pm: Swimmer Strength and Mobility with Geordie

  • Tues 7pm: Run Strength with Simon

  • Wed 5pm: Athletic Strength with Geordie

  • Wed 6pm: Spin Class with Andrew and Julie

  • Thu 7pm: Run Strength with Karen

  • Fri 1230pm: Roll and Strength with Geordie

  • Sat 9am: Spin Class with Karen

  • Sun 8am: Yoga with Susan

May through August 2021

Periodization: This is the time of year our members are most active with an endless list of outdoor activities on offer. For that reason we move into a period that is designed to enhance and support more regular activity, especially on the weekend.

  • Mon 5pm: R3 (Release Relax Repair) with Geordie

      • 45 min class features roll, mobility, activation and targeted strength)

  • Tues 7pm: Athletic Strength with Simon

  • Wed 5pm: Athletic Strength and Swim with Geordie

  • Wed 6pm: Spin Class with Geordie

  • Thu 7pm: Athletic Strength with Karen

  • Fri 1230pm: Roll and Strength with Geordie

  • Sat 830am: RFA (Ready for Action) with Geordie

      • 30 min class features roll, mobility and activation to get you primed to get out the door and into the action!

  • Sun 8am: Yoga with Susan

About the Classes

  • Each class starts with a quick hello chat and ends with the opportunity to again chat and ask any questions you might have.

  • The coaches will help guide you with options to ensure the workout fits your individual needs. Always remember that fewer reps and a lighter load are easy ways to leave your body wanting more. Always place priority on the quality of the movement.

  • How often should you do the workout? Once a week is AMAZING, twice is FANTASTIC, three times and you're a LEGEND. Just make sure you're giving your body enough recovery time.

Class Descriptions

For a list of the required equipment for each class click here.

Athletic Strength: A full body strength workout with a changing variety of exercises to challenge your movement patterns. This workout will also include some dynamic movements to increase power and strengthen your mechanical fitness (skeleton and connective tissues). Class duration: 30-40 minutes.

Run Strength: This full body workout will carry with it a focus on specific movements that will help support walk/jog/run activities. The specific strength will help you to not only run more comfortably but also avoid injuries.

Roll and Strength: The same as Athletic Strength but we start the class with a full body foam roll to aid in our mobility.

Swimmer Strength and Mobility: A full body dryland workout including exercises to simulate all strokes and kicking. Importantly, we also perform strength and mobility movements to ensure the muscular load is balanced out for the full body. Class duration: 30-40 minutes. *An anchored resistance band is required for this class.

Spin Class (Indoor Cycling): Our live online bike workout features all the elements to both improve your cycling and increase your cardiovascular fitness. Each class starts with a quick hello chat and ends with the opportunity to again chat and ask any questions you might have. The rides will feature a progressive program that will build your bike fitness from week to week featuring drills, climbs, intervals and time trials with lots of coaching along the way. These 50 minute classes utilize high intensity intervals to help you get your most training effect in the shortest time. We also do a 5 minute stretch after.

Yoga: The perfect way to start the day. A gentle yoga class with options for everyone so that they can increase their mobility, relax and enjoy some calm, social fun on a Sunday morning.


Geordie McConnell

  • Certified Personal Trainer

  • Head Coach, Ottawa Swimming and Ottawa Triathlon Club

  • Decathlete and Ironman Triathlete

  • Believes in working hard but preserving enough breath for laughter

Karen St. Arnaud

  • Certified Personal Trainer

  • Head Marathon Coach, Ottawa Running Club

  • Boston Marathon Qualifier/Finisher

  • Avid hiker and traveller

Simon Jones

  • Certified Personal Trainer

  • Trained Triathlon Coach

  • Multiple Ironman Finisher (10:15)

  • Former elite soccer player, swimmer, currently busy dad (!)

Andrew Weston (and Julie Pearson!)

  • Trained Triathlon Coach

  • Ironman Triathletes

Susan Woodley

  • Certified Yoga Instructor