Path of The JETI

Follow the Path of the JETI

May 15, 2020

This pandemic has forced the world to slow down. Let's hope in terms of fitness training it stays that way. We live in a society where three day shipping seems like a long delay. When it comes to training the body physically (or mentally for that matter, but that's another whole post), patience and consistency is the key.

Your body wants small amounts of adaptive stimuli and then needs time to rest and rebuild. Unfortunately, too many people give in to the desire to push forward and rush the natural process of adaptation. A classic example is at the track. When I coach a workout I caution the athletes to leave their body wanting more but I still see counterproductive behaviour all the time. The athlete does the three intervals of 400 metres I prescribed and feels really good after the third. So what do they do? Of course they do more until they don't feel good!

The body only needs small amounts of adaptive stress to improve. That's why for many years I have promoted the Path of the JETI. When working out do Just Enough To Improve, no more. Such a practice will lead to the consistent training that will get you to your goal healthy and on time.

Posted by Geordie McConnell