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How To Build YOur Own User Guide

May 20, 2021

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From Rehab to Prehab

Injuries can be caused by numerous factors with lack of specific strength and mobility topping the list. Don't get me wrong, you can still be as prepared as possible and sh$t just happens.... and it sucks. Either way, an athlete must try their best to learn from the experience and then put that knowledge to use moving forward.

Hopefully you know a rehab specialist, maybe a Physio or Chiro, one who is willing to work with you to not only help repair the damage but, equally important, to determine the underlying cause. Too often the tissue is repaired and therapy ends only to leave the underlying cause in place. This means it's just a matter of time before there is another trip around the injury circle. Do your very best to find the underlying cause of injury and how to fix it long term.

But even with that knowledge too many athletes drop the key exercises they learned from their therapist. They think that since the injury is fixed they no longer need the exercises. Here's where you need to change how you define an exercise. Just because a therapist gave it to you don't think of it as rehab only to be used when injured. Think of these exercises as a gift to you; a personalized addition to your body's user guide. The injury has shown you a weakness. To keep injury away, continue to address that weakness.

I've been very active through my life and still place great demands on my body. My user guide continues to grow every year. Rotator cuff, hamstring, glute med, fibularis, plantar fascia.....the list of areas to watch closely is long. Now, that may sound negative, that I have so many considerations before being active, but it's not. For me it's a joy because it leads me to unlimited fun, fitness and a sense of achievement. I do my best to avoid injury by including the key exercises that address each of my own weaknesses.

When you incur any kind of limiter, be it an injury, excess soreness, or lack of function, find out why it happened. Next, find out how to fix it. And finally, if you're able to fix it, add those exercises to your user guide and continue to do them regularly so that you can continue to do what you love.

Posted by Geordie McConnell, Head Coach