*New* The Foundation of Success

The 'foundation' metaphor has been beaten to death when it comes to fitness, sport and endurance training. Most often you'll hear about starting slow, fixing what's broken, etc., things that are very important, no question... Read more.

Follow the Path of the JETI

This pandemic has forced the world to slow down. Let's hope in terms of fitness training it stays that way. We live in a society where three day shipping seems like a long delay...... Read more.

Go Slow to Get Fast

What's the rush, people!? Slow down when learning the movements in sport and chances are you'll be more successful. The benefits from going slow can be seen in a variety of activities including strength training, running and swimming...... Read more.

How Often Should I Workout?

Our workouts happen each day of the week. It didn’t take long before the question arose from members: Should I workout everyday? Here’s my answer.... Read more

Even the Loan Wolf Needs to Howl with the Pack

This morning I woke up feeling a bit fragile. A poor night’s sleep, stress from a number of directions and, of course, the reality of these pandemic times all weighed a little heavier than in recent days...... Read more.

Ready for Anything

Over the last few years I’ve come to reflect on some of the names and faces that inspired my life in sport and fitness. I’m in my mid-fifties now and in many ways I feel the same as I did when I was in my mid-teens...... Read more.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

A study was released a few days ago on the topic of girls in sport and why so many drop out in their teen years. I had the privilege of addressing a House of Commons committee on this topic back in 2016...... Read more.

Guest Post: The Myth of Thin = Healthy

“Healthy”. “Thin”. The two terms are frequently conflated, in both overt and subtle ways. Indeed, we are living at a time when people’s foray into a healthier lifestyle is often framed as a quest for the elusive ‘thigh gap’ or the much-desired ‘beach body’..... Read more.

Small Steps Lead to Great Strides

It was four days before the 2018 national championships and I was in excellent condition. When I awoke the next morning I remember thinking to myself ‘Oh, well, no Nationals for me’. I knew I had the flu...... Read more.

You've Run 5k! Now What?

I was asked recently if I thought there were more runners in Ottawa this spring or fewer. It’s a great question. With no Race Weekend and associated goals, I’m guessing some people found it hard to get out the door to put in the miles...... Read more.

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